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The Western Military History Association Museum is a State of Utah and a Federally recognized museum dedicated to the teaching, study, and preservation of history from today back as far as written history will go,  We use Living History as a teaching tool to bring history alive to those we teach.  In addition to teaching The Western Military History Association also works to preserve artifact, gather the letters and diaries of people from the past, and the personal verbal experiences to preserve the personal histories for future generations.  We also do public displays, such as the Armed Forces Day celebration and 4 July displays at Murray City Park in Murray, Utah.  And static displays such as the USS UTAH display at the Utah State Capitol which ran from 7December 1991 until 30 December 2001.   The Western Military History Association members are collectors, researchers, Historic modelers, and those who just enjoy history.  Period clothing is not required.  And we do not tell you what period you need to study.  That is up to you.  

      The Western Military History Association meets once a month.  In those meetings we have guest speakers and in depth lectures such as the buttons of the American Civil War, the fighting styles of the Roman Army, and how t o properly pack a T-10 parachute.  At least twice a year we will set up camps in the mountains of Utah and work on the skills needed to teach others such as public speaking, researching out letters and diaries, and proper use and safety of period weapons.  Our events are open to the public and we encourage those who wish to join to come to a meeting before deciding to join. 

If this sounds like something you would like to do or you would like to come to a meeting please contact us at:

Come join us , because its YOUR HISTORY.
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